rain and rain and rain and rain

July 18, 2010

brrrrrrrr! I came up to monitor a storm, and now it is directly overhead, unleashing much rain and lightning and cold cold wind. does this mean i’ll be on low hazard again tomorrow? perhaps this season will be a short one after all.

Earlier, I was checking out a friend’s blog – bpracticalpottery.wordpress.com – and she was talking about the language of craft, how it’s something learned by those involved and not understood by those who aren’t. I feel that this is something that can be applied to many things that we do, in my case photography, ceramics, art, treeplanting, firetower – talking about these things to anyone who hasn’t learned the lingo can be frustrating, and i usually find myself avoiding discussing many aspects of my life with those that don’t speak the speak. It’s not an act of snobbery, but an avoidance of struggling to find words in common to express myself. Because of my own unwillingness, I often miss connections. So how can I expand my conversational skills to include those that I love in the most important aspects of my life?


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