small town living

September 30, 2010

so, i made it to kitchener and bought a pick up truck and drove it out to nova scotia. spent some time with friends in halifax, realized how much i missed it and them then continued on to new glasgow. since my studio space isn’t ready yet, i’ve got an awful lot of time on my hands. and it seems i’d rather do anything than unpack and organize my apartment, which is far too big for just me. and full of spiders. so i’ve been doing a little exploring. so far, i’ve walked to the grocery store, bought too many things to carry and accepted a ride from a good samaritan; met the very chatty owner of a lovely antique/ tea shop; and checked out the ymca. tomorrow i think i will try to find some cheap furniture since freecycle hasn’t yet come through for me. i’ll post some pics of all this new stuff soon.


2 Responses to “small town living”

  1. new studio, new truck, new apt, new glasgow!!
    i’m happy for you alana!!
    come visit, stay over and show off your new ride!!
    hopefully you’re off that dietary restrictions.
    and we’ll cook and make some pots!!

  2. woooow new blog theme- nice one!

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