‘Life Means This To Me’

December 11, 2010

“……Then there are circles to which we are linked through our intellects and imagination.  The wider the circle the less apparent the bond; but there is a bond, invisible and insubstantial, but indissoluble.  This vast and varied world is a whole of which we are an integral part.  Two world wars should have taught us that……

With all our improvement in material standards of living, we may succeed in building a Utopia without a soul, producing robots instead of men, and a technical civilisation, which cannot last because it has not the roots of life in it.  Machinery has already deprived man of his creative impulses and opportunities.  The urge to do creative work is inherent in man.  One of the most satisfying experiences in life comes from making beautiful things for use.  There is a sense of fulfillment in such work well done……”

Winifred West, founder of Sturt Contemporary Craft Centre, speaking on 7th December, 1944 to ABC Radio


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