Everyday Fabric

March 24, 2011

NSCAD textiles faculty member Gary Marckle did an awe inspiring talk tonite as part of the official launch of the New Glasgow residency program. He talked about sustainability and producing/ buying locally produced fibers and garments. There are so many plants and animals that Nova Scotia is capable of growing to create fabric that there’s really no need to buy things made in India and China, then shipped around the world several times before there destination is reached. Here, in Nova Scotia, we are capable of making fabric with sheep, alpacas, llamas, flax, hemp, stinging nettle and even seaweed (which Fleece Artist, based in Halifax, is currently creating beautiful yarns out of – check out their website here). It’s like slow food for your wardrobe. When I hear people sharing these kinds of ideas, it just makes me so excited. And hopeful. And my yearning for that artist commune in Nova Scotia gets stronger and stronger.

Anyway, Gary Marckle’s collaborating with Owen Brush, a friend of mine, on making a suit from hand spun yarn from local sheep and alpacas, which is hand woven into fabric. Christine Comeau made a short film about him last year called Everyday Fabric. You should watch it. It’s very inspiring.


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