back to the tower

May 16, 2011

Well, I left New Glasgow and headed to “the farm” for some spiritual uplifting. Then on to Halifax for a whirlwind tour of friends and lovers. Though I can’t say I was sad to leave  these places, I could have easily stayed in any of them. Bright and early yesterday morning, after a great final nite in the city and almost zero sleep, I boarded a plane for Edmonton and caught a bus to Edson, where I will meet up with supervisors and sign papers before heading out to Moberly Tower tomorrow. Another tower season is upon me, and though I always have mixed feelings about my long months of total isolation, I feel calmer and more prepared than usual this time around. Plans for knitting and embroidery are in the works. I’m armed with an i-pod, a sound recorder and more than a few books. I’m hoping for a visit from a friend, but not holding my breath. A new, busier tower and the fires are already causing evacuations in the province. It should be a good, interesting season. I’m ready for it.


One Response to “back to the tower”

  1. Lorelei said

    Mail address please! Stay safe! 🙂

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