One per day – oldies

June 25, 2011

Well, I could blame it on the weather or the crappy internet connection or a general feeling of apathy these days, either way, I haven’t been posting here. I may have forgotten about taking photos on some of the days since my last post, but here are a few. And know that I have made a pact with myself to be more attentive to this project.

June 4 – That’s right, snow storm in June. That’s normal.

June 5th – Hello moon. (The snow didn’t last.)

June 6th – Goodnight sun.

June 8th – My shower rig up. Works pretty well. Gotta be resourceful in isolation.

June 9th – a collection of small things

June 12th – The drip from my ceiling makes a nice pattern in the bucket.

June 14th – postcards in progress to send and sell during my travels

June 15th – feather postcards done. I’m making lots, so if you send me your address, I’ll send you one.

June 16th – pear day 2

June 17th – apple core day 3

June 18th – gorgeous morning -clouds in sky and on ground

June 19th – Marking the days. Without a calendar, I’d have no idea what days it was. They all seem to blend together.


One Response to “One per day – oldies”

  1. RWild said

    I love these glimpses into your tower world, the bucket shower, your drawings… and I love that the postal strike is over! Miss you, Rebecca

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