July 6, 2011

Well, the mosquitoes have officially declared war making it difficult to spend time outside. Today is the first day since I’ve been here that I’m on high hazard. Finally, I feel like I have a reason to be here. This morning, a couple on horses came for a visit. Scared the poop out of me. And the Omnivore’s Dilemma has solidified my decision to return to almost vegetarianism with one stipulation – if it’s local and organic or wild, I’m in. No more factory farmed meat for me. Everyone should read this book. I haven’t even finished the first section yet, all about corn and fossil fuels and beef. Gross.  Anyway, here are some pics going back a ways now that the internet reception is smoother.

June 20 – new shower with pump installed by keith. i get to test out the first one in the district. still have to heat the water on the stove, but it’s an improvement on the bucket.

June 21 – summer solstice sunset.

June 22 – the enemy manning up and attempting to infiltrate the fortress

June 23 – rainy day sunset

June 24 – moldy broccoli. must be almost time for grocery day. i hate losing produce to the rot.

June 25 – slimy lettuce brings back bad memories from my first year cooking for treeplanters. salvage what you can. why is it that everything fresh seems to die at once?

June 26 – bottle of false hopes. not a strong enough weapon.

June 27 – time for more toxic measures. still no match for the enemy.

June 28 – latest embroidery

 June 29 – Uno calendario nuevo en espanol

June 30 – when there’s no fires to fight, there are fires to light. a crew gets rid of some brush in my yard.

July 1  – a postcard on it’s way out to a fellow tower friend


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  1. Have you read Eating Animals but Johnathan Foer? It is a must!
    P.S First day on high!? Dude! I was on high/extreme for 37 (22 of them were extreme) days in a row! Send more rain this way!

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