July 19, 2011

well, it’s been a busy time, it seems. still lots of rain and on low hazard, but lots of visits and that sort of commotion.making friends with treeplanters planting on my road and coffee with the management and my shower backed up some nice black sludge, so that involved keith coming to fix an old pipe. it smelled a little off in here for a few days, but all is back to normal… almost.

July 2nd – casualty of war

July 3rd – happy cu clouds

July 4th – questionable mosquitoe formation

July 5th – grocery day = well stocked cupboard

July 6th – results of ingredients – chocolate chip cookies and soda bread

July 7th – just another hail storm. this time they were grape size, which caused my tower neighbour to stress over his new truck

July 8th – before…

July 9th – … and after. does anyone know what kind of flower this is? they seem to come in yellow and orange…

July 10th – whoa! lucky dandelion.

July 11th – anyone have a pain they need healing? arnica everywhere!

July 12th – new comfy chair. my back thanks whoever bought this.

July 13th – and then a bunny came hopping out of the woods, but was too fast for the camera. it was very snowwhite.

July 14th – check this colour/texture combo

July 15th – full moon? this photo doesn’t do it justice.


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  1. RWild said

    Lovely photos, Alana! The one of the full cupboard especially resonates with me… glad to see you have lots of good food : ) That yellow flower reminds me of a wild poppy… it’s beautiful.
    Arnica is solid gold! I use it for sore muscles… I wonder if you can make tinctures out there… or infuse it in some oil? It’s a beautiful flower too- i’ve never seen it growing.
    Looks like you’re doing well- full moons, comfy chairs, freshly baked bread and all!
    Take care!

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