nearing the end and things to celebrate

August 3, 2011

tomorrow is my 31st birthday, and i am almost finished here at moberly tower. i guess those are 2 things to celebrate. the season has just flown by. a good thing, mostly, except that i feel like there’s still so much work i wanted to finish. what about all those knitting projects and books to be read? not to mention the amount of work i have left to do for the project bridget and i are working on. but, i am looking forward to moving. getting moving, moving on. new adventures with my new friend. where will they take us? only time will tell, but the yukon and an island or 2 off of b.c.’s coast have been proposed. many exciting things to celebrate. i feel that this will be the last post for the one per day project, so that i can dedicate the time i have left to more pressing matters. so… i’m sure there will be a travelling post or 2 before i’m australia bound.

July 16th – burnt incense squiggle

July 17th – sad bouquet

July 18th – Pomquette Beach walk reminder

July 19th – very important. do it do it do it.

July 20th – beautiful rainbow

 July 21st – two days in a row!

July 22nd – sand dollar in a care package. the best.

July 23rd – me, self conscious, by patrick

July 24th – pretty remainders

July 25th – spider vs. ant. who’s eating who?

July 26th – some beautiful wildflowers

July 27th – my all time favorites. anyone know what these are called?

July 28th – then he gave me a rock. isn’t it a beaut?

July 31st – sunset…another beauty.



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