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November 2, 2011


I really wish I had access to a scanner here. To make a few more posts a little more interesting. But I don’t.

I went to see the Fred Williams retrospective at the National Gallery in Canberra on Sunday. It was so beautiful. His landscapes, the colours, the movement. I’m so glad I got to see it in person before it closes this week. The photos don’t do it justice at all, but here are a couple of examples of his work.

On friday, I will load a bisque kiln and on Tuesday, a glaze. The gallery here has given me a deadline, so I will try to meet that. It does mean that next time I’ll have pics of new work. But for now, I wil leave you with a quote from Sergei Isupov in an essay in The Penland Book of Ceramics.

“Art builds me; I don’t build art. I see that each work is a small world, yet once it’s done, it’s over. My relationship with it is over, and I start a new work. I have a relationship with the work only in the process, which is made up of so many logical steps. So this is the truth: in building work, it’s a small world. In life, it’s the same thing, only over a longer period of time. And being in the studio is like being God. All artists are egocentric, because you yourself are the artist, the director, the worker – everything. Maybe this is not something that is popular to say, yet it is my privilege to see the world this way.”

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