I’ve heard people say that folks of my generation, on average, will change careers at least three times or more during the course of their lives. This time, I’m trying to make it as a ceramic artist. I’m not sure if seasonal work counts as a career, but if it does, this is at least my seventh career choice after photographer, tree planter, retail store manager, cook, and tower person.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. your friend paula! said

    hi alana!

    mr. fenn martin, head of fenn martin enterprises is looking to chat with you. he’s at the studio without internet or phone numbers, and asked me to contact you. please call him at the shop when you have a chance: 863 8190.

    we miss you big time! what are your news? we’re housesitting in a new place and loving the quiet. you should come visit! it is relaxing and pastoral but without the pastoral chores (chorals?). so a country holiday!

    hugs and high fives,
    xo paula

  2. Richard Vaughan said

    I have just noticed you have one less shirt to lug about Alana – too warm for where you’re going in any case. But it should make for good polishing cloth thank you.Happy traveling

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