Making is something that I have always done, beginning with Playdoh sculptures and furniture for my barbies. Though I’ve experimented with many mediums, from fabric to photography and collage to watercolour,I enjoy the malleability that clay provides. My work is split between the functionality of ceramics and the sculptural elements it can embody. I’ve always found the unrefined quality of earthenware to be very alluring. Functionally, I use templates and pliable slabs of this rich red clay to create table ware. I am currently investigating pattern, as it appears in nature and architecture, for decoration inspiration. My goal is to create thoughtful and enjoyable pieces that people want to use. Sculpturally, my hand built work deals with environmental and apocalyptic themes. I am currently interested in the roles bees play in forecasting future events.



3 Responses to “Artist Statement”

  1. Will Robinson said

    Hi Alana,

    I just found your blog/website online!

    I’m sorry I missed your can today. If you are not too busy give me a call tonight after 9pm or at work (Planet Organic) between 4pm – 9pm.

    Hope to talk with you soon,


  2. Will Robinson said

    rather “…your call….”. 🙂

  3. Oatrick said

    ahha…..I found U at the Red Deer Library….nice space & pics of my favorite artist!
    Was i the patrick who took the self conscious photo?? maybe not – can’t remember that. awesome pshot of U though!! 🙂 nice work U do – no wonder U get the travel perks
    Can U tame the parrots? (if U had time?) trying to tame the neighbor’s guard dog….slow progress.

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