tomorrow is my 31st birthday, and i am almost finished here at moberly tower. i guess those are 2 things to celebrate. the season has just flown by. a good thing, mostly, except that i feel like there’s still so much work i wanted to finish. what about all those knitting projects and books to be read? not to mention the amount of work i have left to do for the project bridget and i are working on. but, i am looking forward to moving. getting moving, moving on. new adventures with my new friend. where will they take us? only time will tell, but the yukon and an island or 2 off of b.c.’s coast have been proposed. many exciting things to celebrate. i feel that this will be the last post for the one per day project, so that i can dedicate the time i have left to more pressing matters. so… i’m sure there will be a travelling post or 2 before i’m australia bound.

July 16th – burnt incense squiggle

July 17th – sad bouquet

July 18th – Pomquette Beach walk reminder

July 19th – very important. do it do it do it.

July 20th – beautiful rainbow

 July 21st – two days in a row!

July 22nd – sand dollar in a care package. the best.

July 23rd – me, self conscious, by patrick

July 24th – pretty remainders

July 25th – spider vs. ant. who’s eating who?

July 26th – some beautiful wildflowers

July 27th – my all time favorites. anyone know what these are called?

July 28th – then he gave me a rock. isn’t it a beaut?

July 31st – sunset…another beauty.


July 19, 2011

well, it’s been a busy time, it seems. still lots of rain and on low hazard, but lots of visits and that sort of commotion.making friends with treeplanters planting on my road and coffee with the management and my shower backed up some nice black sludge, so that involved keith coming to fix an old pipe. it smelled a little off in here for a few days, but all is back to normal… almost.

July 2nd – casualty of war

July 3rd – happy cu clouds

July 4th – questionable mosquitoe formation

July 5th – grocery day = well stocked cupboard

July 6th – results of ingredients – chocolate chip cookies and soda bread

July 7th – just another hail storm. this time they were grape size, which caused my tower neighbour to stress over his new truck

July 8th – before…

July 9th – … and after. does anyone know what kind of flower this is? they seem to come in yellow and orange…

July 10th – whoa! lucky dandelion.

July 11th – anyone have a pain they need healing? arnica everywhere!

July 12th – new comfy chair. my back thanks whoever bought this.

July 13th – and then a bunny came hopping out of the woods, but was too fast for the camera. it was very snowwhite.

July 14th – check this colour/texture combo

July 15th – full moon? this photo doesn’t do it justice.

July 6, 2011

Well, the mosquitoes have officially declared war making it difficult to spend time outside. Today is the first day since I’ve been here that I’m on high hazard. Finally, I feel like I have a reason to be here. This morning, a couple on horses came for a visit. Scared the poop out of me. And the Omnivore’s Dilemma has solidified my decision to return to almost vegetarianism with one stipulation – if it’s local and organic or wild, I’m in. No more factory farmed meat for me. Everyone should read this book. I haven’t even finished the first section yet, all about corn and fossil fuels and beef. Gross.  Anyway, here are some pics going back a ways now that the internet reception is smoother.

June 20 – new shower with pump installed by keith. i get to test out the first one in the district. still have to heat the water on the stove, but it’s an improvement on the bucket.

June 21 – summer solstice sunset.

June 22 – the enemy manning up and attempting to infiltrate the fortress

June 23 – rainy day sunset

June 24 – moldy broccoli. must be almost time for grocery day. i hate losing produce to the rot.

June 25 – slimy lettuce brings back bad memories from my first year cooking for treeplanters. salvage what you can. why is it that everything fresh seems to die at once?

June 26 – bottle of false hopes. not a strong enough weapon.

June 27 – time for more toxic measures. still no match for the enemy.

June 28 – latest embroidery

 June 29 – Uno calendario nuevo en espanol

June 30 – when there’s no fires to fight, there are fires to light. a crew gets rid of some brush in my yard.

July 1  – a postcard on it’s way out to a fellow tower friend

One per day – oldies

June 25, 2011

Well, I could blame it on the weather or the crappy internet connection or a general feeling of apathy these days, either way, I haven’t been posting here. I may have forgotten about taking photos on some of the days since my last post, but here are a few. And know that I have made a pact with myself to be more attentive to this project.

June 4 – That’s right, snow storm in June. That’s normal.

June 5th – Hello moon. (The snow didn’t last.)

June 6th – Goodnight sun.

June 8th – My shower rig up. Works pretty well. Gotta be resourceful in isolation.

June 9th – a collection of small things

June 12th – The drip from my ceiling makes a nice pattern in the bucket.

June 14th – postcards in progress to send and sell during my travels

June 15th – feather postcards done. I’m making lots, so if you send me your address, I’ll send you one.

June 16th – pear day 2

June 17th – apple core day 3

June 18th – gorgeous morning -clouds in sky and on ground

June 19th – Marking the days. Without a calendar, I’d have no idea what days it was. They all seem to blend together.

June 3, 2011

May 28 – Smokey smokey. Not in our district.

May 29 – Little mystery bugs that I swept up. They were everywhere for about 3 days, but now are totally gone. Gross.

May 30 – BUNNIES!!

May 31 – First care package of the season. Thanks Sonya! My wrists will be warm and fashionable for ever.

June 1 – Juniper berries everywhere. Smells like gin. Yum!

June 2 – Creepy stunted forest on the ridge.

June 3 – Looky what I found. Photos of my area from the 60s with distances marked in miles. Beautiful.



work in progress

May 28, 2011

with all of these fogged in days, i’ve had lots of time to get work done. getting back to some embroidery, which i haven’t done at all since putting my portfolio together for nscad. i have big plans for these little pieces. here’s what i’ve been working on.

May 27, 2011

May 22 – Just a little late night hail storm.

May 23 – My summer home.

May 24 – Not for pooping. Squirrel lives here. (I’ve heard he can be quite mean.)

May 25 – Hey banana! Nice lines!

May 26 – What it’s actually looked like here for the past 4 days – since the hail storm.

May 27 – I’m not really sure what this sign says, but I think that’s how high Moberly is.

does this make it any more official? feels good and scary. I hope once i get to Australia, I’ll still be able to function after 21 or so hours on an airplane.

May 21, 2011

May 19 – White things for dinner (tofu and perogies) to celebrate the day of snow.

May 20 – Beautiful morning

May 21 – hello there

one per day

May 18, 2011

i got the idea from a fellow tower friend – to take one photo per day and post it. these are my first 2 for my first 2 days at moberly.

may 17th – the view from my bedroom

may 18th – mementos from my last night in halifax (missing some strongly mint flavoured gum)