The end/ the beginning

December 18, 2011

Technically, today is the last day of residency at Sturt. People keep asking me if I’ve had a good time here, if it’s been worth it. I always reply that I need time to reflect and digest. Which is true, I do. I’ve met some great people and seen some cool things (thanks to those great people) and made some work. But like everything, it wasn’t all roses. But it was mostly great.
The powers that be were very kind to let me stay an extra couple of days, giving me some extra time to get organized and see some more things. So many things to see. I just can’t fit it all in. On Tuesday, I will head for the Blue Mountains, just outside of Sydney, to do some hiking and chilling out. I’m looking forward to getting moving, heading north, finding some real heat. Hopefully, I will be better at photographing and posting for the rest of journey.
Anyway, here are a few pics from the last kiln load.

does this make it any more official? feels good and scary. I hope once i get to Australia, I’ll still be able to function after 21 or so hours on an airplane.

new news and other goodies

November 13, 2010

Dear Alana

I would like to offer you a self directed residency at Sturt in 2011.

Before I issue a formal offer to you we need to agree dates.  You have indicated the timeframe of October to December 2011.  I would suggest a period not exceeding 3 months that would conclude before Christmas.  So, perhaps a start date of mid to late September?

The self directed residency does not normally attract a fee but the committee was keen to make a gesture here and so we would provide a sum of $500 to you as a contribution to either materials or living costs while you are with us.  There would be no charge to you for accommodation.

Please let me know your thoughts on dates as soon as you can.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Mark Viner

Head of Sturt

P  0248 602080  F  0248 602081

M 0418 285 622 W

the Chronicle Herald circa 1997. Does this still exist? While planting garlic in Ohio, I was informed of the Rural Repopulation Project. Dating through the mail only. Very romantic.

the only image i have of the farm. so far.

the germans found a survival suit on the ship they were cleaning.

if this artist thing doesn’t work out…









bear in a cave, boy in a ?


applications are scary

October 14, 2010

so, still here in new glasgow with no access to studio space. i know, wah wah wah. anyway, i’ve decided to spend a little time doing research into other better residencies for the future. ones where i don’t have to stress out about whether or not i have a kiln. so far, i’ve managed to get an application together for sturt, a contemporary craft and design centre in australia. i find it very daunting to write about my work and try to explain what it is i want/ am trying to do. here’s what i wrote as a proposal. please feel free to give feedback.


Mark Viner October 14, 2010

Head of Strut

PO Box 34

Mittagong NSW 2575



I find the richness of earthenware to be the most seductive means of expressing myself through clay. With pliable slabs of this beautiful chocolate porcelain, I use templates to create functional table ware, folding and bending the clay as you would a piece of paper. Carrying on the paper reference in my surface treatment, I use a variety of methods to draw on these objects, such as photocopy transfers, underglaze pencils and overglazes.

I am currently interested in exploring the use of pattern in surface decoration and feel that participating in a residency atmosphere where textile, basketry, and jewelry makers are also present would be very conducive to pattern observation and investigation. Wood firing earthenware is also something that I look forward to undertaking.

While at Sturt, facilitating workshops in handbuilding and surface decoration would be of great interest to me. Sharing knowledge with participants would be an inspiring means of furthering my own understanding of my art practice.

A residency at Sturt would be a great benefit in developing my artistic goals. If chosen, I would demonstrate a high level of enthusiasm and commitment to this program and would prefer to begin October 2011. I look forward to hearing from you.







Alana Wilson