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November 24, 2011

Hmmm… what to say. Self explanatory, I hope.


April 20, 2011

A few pics from the show, in appreciation of bees. Ask me about Colony Collapse Disorder. Better yet, look it up if you don’t already know about it. A world without bees would be a bleak one.

On a brighter note, my young male friends came for another studio visit today. Before they left, they told me I should keep making art, even when I leave here. Kids are so great. I thought that was such a nice thing to say. I told them I planned to, that that’s what I do. They were very interested in learning how I made my work. Sometimes, I wish I were here longer.


This past weekend, the kids from the Lunenberg residency and I were given the opportunity to participate in ACTS as part of the Emerging Artist Showcase. It was a crazy weekend. Lots of wonderful things to look at and interesting people to meet and talk to.

the booth

Amelie Jerome, painting

George Cho, ceramics

Rebecca Roher, watercolour

Alana Wilson, ceramics

Me, again


After the take down and clean up of the ACTS booth, it was off to the NSCAD Port Loggia to set up for our In Residence show, which opens on the 15th at 5:30 and is up till the 26th. If you’re in Halifax, please go check it out.

Marc Digeros

December 6, 2010

Marc Digeros currently lives in Los Angeles where he has a full time job with the architect Frank Gehry. In addition to that, he makes really beautiful pots. His work is certainly very influential to me. Check his website here to see more of his work, etc.

As of today, I have a studio to work in, so soon I will be posting my own work again. Once the kiln is all set up, anyway.

Jenn Demke

November 28, 2010

In speaking to some friends the other night, I realized that I need to start looking at more work by other artists. While looking in to applying for a residency at Medalta in Alberta, I came across Jenn Demke. I couldn’t find out anything about her except that she’s from Calgary and is doing a year long residency at Medalta. I really her hand built forms and find her use of line in her decoration very inspiring. Beauty in simplicity.

back in civilization

September 14, 2010

Due to the snow and crappy weather and general sketchiness of the logging road to my tower, I was liberated two days early. Mixed feelings aside, I am glad to be out and wondering around again. I am certainly itching to get moving and get busy. Looking forward to establishing a studio and making some things. On my way out to Nova Scotia, I will pause in Kitchener. My mother, in a moment of extreme thoughtfulness, has set up some studio visits with potters in the area. I’m looking forward to doing some research and trying to think of some questions I might ask…

During my last few days at tower, while my hands were itching to make make make, I had a flower making marathon. I’ve also decided to post a pic of the very first socks I ever knit. Double pointed needles are not as complicated as I once thought.

some more knitty

July 24, 2010

Something for the winter and something for the summer… The scarf was originally meant for a friend of mine, but when I lost touch with him, I altered the pattern and made something for myself instead. Wonderfully soft hand dyed wools. The bikini top was inspired by too hot days in the cupola, which is essentially a greenhouse.¬†I had some scraps of bamboo/ silk kicking around that I had originally used for baby booties.¬†Sometimes being small chested has its advantages. I had to teach myself to crochet to do the strings. That should come in handy.

brrrrrrrr! I came up to monitor a storm, and now it is directly overhead, unleashing much rain and lightning and cold cold wind. does this mean i’ll be on low hazard again tomorrow? perhaps this season will be a short one after all.

Earlier, I was checking out a friend’s blog – – and she was talking about the language of craft, how it’s something learned by those involved and not understood by those who aren’t. I feel that this is something that can be applied to many things that we do, in my case photography, ceramics, art, treeplanting, firetower – talking about these things to anyone who hasn’t learned the lingo can be frustrating, and i usually find myself avoiding discussing many aspects of my life with those that don’t speak the speak. It’s not an act of snobbery, but an avoidance of struggling to find words in common to express myself. Because of my own unwillingness, I often miss connections. So how can I expand my conversational skills to include those that I love in the most important aspects of my life?

With my Solar Shower bag hanging from a tree branch, I’m hoping to have a warmer showering experience than last year. At least it’ll block the breezes.It will also give me some privacy from all the logging traffic that’s been whizzing by my tower these past couple of weeks. Unfortunately, it’s still too damn cold to even think about not being fully clothed in the out of doors. Sponge baths in the sink will have to continue to suffice. I am alone in the middle of the bush, after all.