The end/ the beginning

December 18, 2011

Technically, today is the last day of residency at Sturt. People keep asking me if I’ve had a good time here, if it’s been worth it. I always reply that I need time to reflect and digest. Which is true, I do. I’ve met some great people and seen some cool things (thanks to those great people) and made some work. But like everything, it wasn’t all roses. But it was mostly great.
The powers that be were very kind to let me stay an extra couple of days, giving me some extra time to get organized and see some more things. So many things to see. I just can’t fit it all in. On Tuesday, I will head for the Blue Mountains, just outside of Sydney, to do some hiking and chilling out. I’m looking forward to getting moving, heading north, finding some real heat. Hopefully, I will be better at photographing and posting for the rest of journey.
Anyway, here are a few pics from the last kiln load.

June 3, 2011

May 28 – Smokey smokey. Not in our district.

May 29 – Little mystery bugs that I swept up. They were everywhere for about 3 days, but now are totally gone. Gross.

May 30 – BUNNIES!!

May 31 – First care package of the season. Thanks Sonya! My wrists will be warm and fashionable for ever.

June 1 – Juniper berries everywhere. Smells like gin. Yum!

June 2 – Creepy stunted forest on the ridge.

June 3 – Looky what I found. Photos of my area from the 60s with distances marked in miles. Beautiful.